Todd White’s Editorial on County Charter & Section 504

Thank you, Mountain Democrat, for printing my editorial supporting the County Charter and Section 504!


Another View: County Charter Section 504
By Contributor
By Todd White

In 1994 the voters of El Dorado County decided to pass a county charter, which outlines the manner in which they would like to have county government be held accountable to the people. The County Charter preamble outlines this intention, “We, the people of El Dorado County, adopt the charter to provide a county government that is responsive to the public safety, infrastructure and other appropriate needs as to be provided by county government in a democratic and just manner.”

Currently the Charter Review Commission, which is appointed by the Board of Supervisors, is reviewing the County Charter and will be recommending changes to the board, like it did two years ago. Unlike a couple years ago, the changes that may be recommended are not minor in nature, but could greatly restrict the public’s ability to elect their own representatives. The positions possibly affected include auditor-controller, treasurer-tax collector, recorder-clerk and the county surveyor. If these department heads are not elected by the people, the Board of Supervisors would appoint them. Additionally affected; would be the compensation of our local law enforcement, which is outlined in Section 504 of our county’s charter. If Section 504 is eliminated, the salaries of our local law enforcement could be negatively affected. Section 504 requires the Board of Supervisors to adjust the salaries of law enforcement to be “at least equal to the average of the salares for the comparable positions in the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, Amador County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol.” Section 504 needs to stay in place to make sure these basic salary protections remain in place.

With the recent announcement of current Recorder-Clerk William Schultz’s retirement following next year’s election, the El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (EDSO DSA) decided to endorse in the election of his replacement. Usually, the EDSO DSA wouldn’t become involved in this race, but with the potential changes to the charter, their membership realizes they need elected department heads in place who are knowledgeable of the County Charter, and who will best advocate for the needs of local law enforcement and the needs of all people in El Dorado County.

I am truly humbled and grateful for the endorsement of the EDSO DSA. The men and women of our local law enforcement are the real life embodiment of our community’s heroes, and their sacrifice to our community should never be disregarded or taken for granted. With the EDSO DSA, I agree that the voter-approved charter puts distinct limitations on bureaucratic government and allows the people to elect those who represent them. We need elected county department heads in place who recognize that any changes to the charter put Section 504 at risk. The people of this great county need to retain their authority to ensure that every member of local law enforcement is properly paid.

Todd White is a resident of Pollock Pines

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